An overview of how mmob’s intelligent partnership infrastructure could deliver better offerings and value to your consumers.

Digital partnerships are not new to the world of financial services. Through technological advances and the increasing use of APIs, partnerships are becoming more common as financial institutions recognise the benefits of engaging with complementary services to add to their core offering. However, some partnerships remain inefficient, relying on legacy affiliate techniques and taking ages to broker; mmob aims to solve these hurdles for the benefit of all in the value chain.

Introducing mmob’s Intelligent Partnerships Infrastructure

Placing our marketplace platform within a financial nexus (i.e. an app or interface where individuals manage their finances) can have multiple benefits:

Broadening your Offering

It is difficult, if not impossible, to create every financial service your customers will need to use. If it were possible, there would be large costs involved to create a new product whenever the market demanded and would likely dilute the value of your core services.

Through partnerships, your customers have access to a host of other expert products that complement your own. Your bank can focus on innovating the products offered to your customers that are within your expertise, rather than needing to anticipate the market for the more niche applications of financial technology. Using expert products from other providers allows your company to focus on what you do best, while still providing excellent offerings for your customers.

Not only is this good for your customers, but you’re able to capitalise on offerings too. Through our fee structure, your company gains a commission for every product your customers use through the mmob network, allowing your bottom line to benefit from new revenue streams.

Increased Customer Retention and Satisfaction

A core aspect of your service should focus on the end user. Through partnerships and the availability of alternative products, customers recognise the value of the offerings available and therefore the customer-ascribed value of your product rises in tandem.

Affiliate links that redirect customers to a provider’s website revolutionised distribution of digital products and services through the internet, however they are also prone to high levels of churn and significant dropoff. Using mmob’s infrastructure, customers are able to browse other services and select those best for them through your app, and navigate through an entirely native end-to-end journey that benefits both parties and the customers. Even better, the customers won’t know mmob is there as the user experience is tailored to the third-party brand, and embedded seamlessly in the host app.

An additional benefit of using mmob’s intelligent partnerships is that through the power of Open Finance, the products offered are bespoke for your customers based on their data and needs. Customers are more willing to share data with the knowledge that it will help their financial wellbeing, positioning mmob’s infrastructure and all parties in the ecosystem at the forefront of Open Finance adoption for the benefit of all.

Competitive Advantage

Open Banking and Open Finance promise to increase the prominence of different digital products and services and promises to lower the barriers to entry for smaller fintechs. More generally, fintech is moving onward from the disruptive outlook, pivoting more to collaboration with large banks or personal financial management tools. If your competitors do not offer a marketplace for alternative services, they could stand to lose a competitive advantage and ‘miss the boat’ when it comes to implementing a powerful tool to add to their end user experience and take advantage of the new collaborative wave.

Through mmob, your users have access to a global network of connected providers. This means the services available through your app are far broader than partnerships accumulated on an individual basis, allowing customers the freedom of choice and connecting your company with many others for your benefit.

Scalable and Powerful APIs

If you already use APIs for your partnerships, you may be wondering what the advantage of mmob’s infrastructure is over your existing systems. APIs have to be created and integrated on a bespoke basis for each new partnership, which takes time and resources and often delays the partnership launch. With mmob, these APIs are prefabricated and deployed using just a single line of code, saving you and your partners both time and money. Furthermore, rather than being tied to one company, which limits the opportunity to collaborate elsewhere in the market, you have access to a wide variety of providers and partners.

Partnerships and DIY APIs are already a key part of Open Banking, and as the market moves towards Open Finance adoption, partnerships need an upgrade. Harnessing mmob’s intelligent partnership infrastructure has benefits beyond simply implementing APIs, providing you with a suite of tools to analyse your partnerships from all angles, for your benefit and that of your userbase.

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