Here at mmob, we have found the seven best apps that open access to services such as savings, pensions, crypto and even car insurance.

There are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps around and often we download apps only to find that we do not need nor use them. Here at mmob, we have distilled things down: the seven apps below are some of the most highly rated, popular fintech apps available in the UK, opening access to services such as savings, pensions, crypto and even car insurance. If you download these, we bet you won’t be deleting them any time soon.


Revolut appears to be extremely popular among users and often scores highly. A full-service neobank, the Revolut app helps users analyse their spending habits to reach and set their financial goals, receive rewards based on their spending habits, send money worldwide, purchase cryptocurrencies and more. With the lofty goals of becoming the world’s first ‘financial superapp’, it seems Revolut is well on its way to global domination, and is only bolstered by recent improvements to Open Banking.


Coinbase is the marketplace for cryptocurrency. Having started with just Bitcoin, Coinbase now allows users to buy and sell a host of cryptocurrencies quickly and securely through the app. Users can learn about different cryptocurrencies and how best to invest, allowing anyone to be immersed in the cryptoeconomy. Coinbase recently went public with an IPO valuing the company at around $85bn.


Emma, described as ‘your Best Financial Friend’, is a personal financial management app that tells users all about their finances and offers actions to improve financial wellbeing. Insights include highlighting unnecessary subscriptions and paying bills at optimal times. Emma also uses Open Banking capabilities to link all accounts to the app and even a social media-like forum for users to interact with each other.


This app is a little different to other fintech apps but is nevertheless helping users and worthy of inclusion on our Best Apps list. Cuvva is essentially a car insurance provider that works with users to offer flexible cover based on their needs. Users can be insured in a matter of minutes for as little as an hour up to monthly rolling cover. Putting customers first is a core company value and makes Cuvva a keen favourite among users.


Penfold is designed as a pension assistant for self-employed workers. Their pension calculator estimates how much money should be moved to the pension pot every month to reach users’ goals depending on how they assert that they want to live during retirement. Users can choose from a range of investment plans and track down old pension pots, an important feature given the estimates that as much as £20 billion are is lost in unclaimed or lost pension pots.


Moneybox offers a range of investment and savings opportunities to users that makes saving easy. The app has been particularly popular for its Lifetime ISA account that helps users save for a mortgage deposit or retirement, and other features include pension investments and rounding up small payments into savings.


Tide offers a range of bank account services for many types of businesses. Depending on the size of a business and what features are needed, users can enjoy expense cards, member perks and cashback rewards. Even better, Tide can register a limited business and set up the account at the same time, fulfilling the company’s aim to give time to business owners thereby bringing the entire setup into one place.

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