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Back in September 2020 the Government announced plans for a Kickstart Scheme aimed at helping young people gain employment. We at mmob jumped at the opportunity to increase our small but talented team and attract the talents of five new employees into Fintech, who may well be starting out on their career journey. We look forward to welcoming our new team members in May, who will help supercharge the business across multiple verticals and propel mmob forwards.

How the Scheme helps young people

The Kickstart Scheme is designed to help young people aged 16 to 24 years old currently in receipt of Universal Credit build skills and take advantage of working opportunities for their career development. The job placements last for six months, during which time employees will receive support in their personal and professional development and assistance in seeking full-time employment after the Scheme ends.

While the pandemic has been difficult for many, unemployment brought about by the economic effects of COVID-19 has hit young people hardest. Almost two-thirds of people that have lost their jobs over the past year are aged under 25, and of young people that are unemployed, 74 percent have been out of work for six months or more. Though the unemployment challenges facing young people will persist, it is hoped that the Scheme will go some way to alleviate the pressure for some of those most at risk of long-term unemployment.

Why are mmob participating?

As a small start-up, the Kickstart Scheme has been launched at a great time for a company like mmob. Our team will increase and the new ‘mmobsters’ will help in a range of areas that will enable the company’s growth, without a tangible impact on operating costs. In return, mmob will support the new employees with mentorship, workflow plans and assistance gaining full-time employment after the placement, hopefully helping them to enter a career they are truly passionate about. Moreover, the new mmobsters will help boost mmob’s scope and brand awareness; in short, it really is a win-win for everyone!

We look forward to welcoming the new starters soon, and look forward to the opportunities for mentorship, collaboration and learning that lie ahead.

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