The first in the series, detailing mmob’s vision for open finance, powered by Intelligent Partnerships.

We now understand what Open Finance is but how exactly is it going to be adopted into the mainstream? The answer is simpler than you might think.

We’re here to tell you all about mmob’s intelligent partnership infrastructure and why the approach is the next step in promoting Open Finance adoption.

What is mmob’s approach?

Let’s start with some definitions to determine what intelligent partnerships are.

The meaning of ‘intelligence’ is known; learned knowledge and skills make up one’s intelligence. Not only is ‘intelligence’ the acquiring of knowledge, but the application too. mmob’s infrastructure uses Open Finance capabilities to provide commercial partners and third-party providers with insights into their consumers and product usage, utilising bespoke financial services and innovative changes.

The infrastructure relies on ‘partnership’ based enterprises and is driven by collaboration. Partnerships allow businesses to attract more consumers, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and engagement with big names and new innovators alike. Through mmob’s global network, businesses have access to the best services without having to establish new connections and create new tech, saving time and financial resources.

What makes the intelligent partnership infrastructure more successful at promoting Open Finance adoption than existing approaches?

mmob’s ecosystem connects partners and their consumers with third-party applications and innovative products in native, end-to-end journeys. It is the world’s first integrated network for Open Finance, demonstrating what is possible when harnessing the power of APIs.

mmob’s promotion of Open Finance adoption depends on six factors that are only partially being achieved by alternative approaches. These factors are below:

Keen to find out more? Stay tuned for mmob to explain these aspects in depth.

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