mmob explain the benefits of engaging in intelligent partnerships for third-party fintechs and how mmob’s global network advances mainstream Open Finance adoption.

The UK is well known for having one of the most advanced and innovative Fintech ecosystems in the world. Some of the biggest names have emerged from London and beyond, including Manchester and Bristol. Testament to the UK’s ingenuity and productivity, world-leading products and digital services are emerging, specialised in aiding consumers and SMEs make the most of their finances. While changes such as Open Banking are improving visibility and competition, it can be difficult for smaller fintechs to drive customer value and acquisition when up against established financial institutions.

mmob’s intelligent partnership infrastructure offers new opportunities for third party fintechs to engage with big names, broaden their userbase and refine product offerings to best attract the market. We use intelligent partnerships to promote your services to our global network, with a focus on smart data insights which allow third parties to focus on innovative new products and the most advanced technologies for a competitive market.

Benefits of APIs through mmob’s infrastructure

Many fintechs are now seeing the true potential of holding API capabilities when connecting with new partners. Traditionally, the partnership process has been cumbersome, relying on leaky affiliate links, or resource intensive one-off integrations, which sometimes come with punitive exclusivity clauses. mmob is working to eliminate the ‘legacy partnership’, envisaging a new breed of collaborative commercial opportunities that are tech-led, value-spread and information-fed!

Broad exposure

It can be difficult to acquire customers as a smaller fintech company, even if your core product is amazing and innovative. With mmob, you are partnered with some of the biggest names in consumer finance, and their customers are primed for your product through optimised matching.

Using Open Finance capabilities, your product is offered to customers who will benefit most from your services and are therefore most likely to take you up on your offer. As a result, Third-party products are not only delivered to a wider audience, but also a more bespoke one at that.

Rather than using affiliate links or anonymising your product, services are directly embedded into the commercial partner’s app, creating a seamless end-to-end, native user journey. This has been proven to reduce churn rates and increase customer loyalty, another advantage to mmob’s infrastructure.

Capitalise on brand synergies

API-led partnerships often work on an individual partnership basis, which often means fintechs are tied to a single arrangement per vertical even if it no longer benefits them, which can also be tricky to exit from. Through the mmob network you have access to a range of financial institutions and networks without having to establish isolated partnerships. This global network is for the benefit of all involved in the Open Finance ecosystem, and your fintech will be able to capitalise on market trends and new collaborative opportunities as they emerge.

Open up new revenue streams

You will be working with a broader userbase which increases capital and through intelligent insights, you can see which products are working best for customers which can inspire innovative optimisations.

Furthermore, the mmob network opens a range of opportunities for alternative partnerships to increase brand awareness and revenue. Collaborating with a network of complementary companies opens up new possibilities that are not always available through individual DIY partnerships.

Supercharge your tech through API development

The many players within fintech industry are pivoting towards API development as Open Finance adoption becomes more widespread. As an mmob third party fintech, you have exclusive access to our developer dashboard and support to engineer a high-performing integration. Once created, performance continually monitored to ensure the tech is optimised for your own and the end user’s benefit.

As a fintech, APIs are likely already on your radar, yet your company might not have the resources or partnerships with other brands to develop APIs for all your products. With mmob, the use of APIs in intelligent partnerships is crucial to creating strong company connections and driving the Open Finance agenda.

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