Level 39 has fast become the fintech centre of London. We look at why.

mmob has chosen to make our home on Level 39, One Canada Square along with over a thousand other tech leaders. While there are many office spaces around, there’s something special about Level 39. Here are three reasons why it is the best place for fintech and why mmob can’t wait to return soon.

The Location

Canary Wharf has always been the UK’s home of finance. Fintech companies have carved out a portion of the area to make their mark on the financial industry and be among the action. One Canada Square was the first building built on the Isle of Dogs during redevelopment and its prominence makes for a very exciting office. As a recognised London landmark, the hub of tourists, professionals and residents on arrival to the office is second to none and promotes a great work-recreational balance. There’s plenty of restaurants and bars around for after-hours socials which mmob make full use of.

The Space

A company’s workspace is crucial for motivating and attracting employees and Level 39 has it down to a fine art. Everything is modern and sleek without feeling cold. It radiates a similar energy to university libraries — youthful and optimistic. Each area has a purpose and accommodates to all manner of workers and businesses. The hot desks allow for a constant work environment but employees can also ‘shake it up’ by moving to the café-like areas of Space 39 and the Pantry (and have a well-deserved break, of course). Meeting rooms provide the opportunity for collaboration and the Skype rooms reflect the modern way of working remotely with people all around the world. Not to mention the incredible views of the city visible on all sides. It would be hard not to feel at home on Level 39, generating a relaxed yet productive work environment.

The Community

It is very refreshing to work in a place with lots of other innovators. Of course, collaboration within a team is the priority, but it is also great to hear chatter and get to know the faces of the industry as a whole. This close proximity fosters healthy competition but more importantly support as companies are connected to partners and customers instantly. Level 39 offers a host of events and networking opportunities to further members’ businesses and generate new partnerships. There are also laid back events such as the Level 39 summer party that show just how fun fintech professionals are. It truly feels like a community and places mmob in an exciting position within the fintech hub.

Be sure to check out Level 39 for more information.

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